Moones 'Better Energy' by Peter Sluszka

Moones 'Better Energy' by Peter SluszkaMoones 'Better Energy' by Peter SluszkaMoones 'Better Energy' by Peter Sluszka
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A band from Hertfordsire called Moones burst upon us with the amazing video for Better Energy, a combination of stop motion, claymation, pixelation, puppetry and much more - all orchestrated by master animator Peter Sluszka.

It features the band as sailors stranded on an iceberg, trying to make fire, play music, and SOS for help, while a sea monster devours their ship, the captain bursts into flames, and the ship's cat gets handy with a shotgun.

This was co-written by Peter Sluszka - who's work includes animation directing Michel Gondry videos like Bjork's Crystalline - and band founder Ollie Kristian, and the band spent a weekend at the Hornet Inc workshop in New York suffering for their considerable art to create many of the stopframe sequences (and have their fingers getting chopped off, be electrocuted, etc) before returning to London to shoot the rest. Then it took two months at Hornet to complete the animation and compositing.


Peter Sluszka
Production Company
Hornet Inc.
Executive Producer
Michael Feder
Joel Kretschman & C
Anita Chao
Director of Photography
Ivan Abel
Focus Puller
Marcos Herrera, N
Clapper Loader
Josh Tyron
Michael Yetter
Aaron Smith, Alexa Harris
Production designer
Anthony Henderson
Alan Gordon

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