Kwes 'Bashful' by Ian Pons Jewell

Kwes 'Bashful' by Ian Pons JewellKwes 'Bashful' by Ian Pons JewellKwes 'Bashful' by Ian Pons Jewell
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For the electronic pop of Kwes' Basful, Ian Pons Jewell serves up this curious promo full of intrigue and suspense - and has a novel way of dealing with the awkward silences when stuck in a lift with strangers...

"The video is a pretty special one for us due to it being the first time the full Studio Murmur collective has crewed up for a video" says Ian.

"Due to this we managed to be rather ambitious despite the limited budget due to having worked together so often as a crew. Huge thanks should also go out to Pasha Hotel who let us take over their lobby for a whole morning. If you're ever stuck on Walworth Road and in need of a turkish bath, Pasha is the place to go to!"


Ian Pons Jewell
Production Company
1st AD
Tim Harrison
Director of Photography
Doug Walshe
Stephanie G
Eve Dawoud
Art Director
Rory Buckley
Gaia Borretti
Morgan Beringer
Luke Morrison @ The Mill

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