Lana Del Rey 'Blue Jeans' by Yoann Lemoine

Lana Del Rey 'Blue Jeans' by Yoann LemoineLana Del Rey 'Blue Jeans' by Yoann LemoineLana Del Rey 'Blue Jeans' by Yoann Lemoine
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Yoann Lemoine nails Lana Del Rey's glacial, retro-glam allure (clad in a fetching one-piece bathing suit) in this absolutely beautiful, erotically-charged monochrome promo for Blue Jeans.

As in Yoann's video for Born To Die, the promo co-stars New York model Bradley Soileau as the subject of Lana's desire. But this one, shot in a Pasadena pool, magnificently photographed by Rodrigo Prieto, is pure classic old-school Hollywood - part filmnoir, part Tarzan movie - with that modern twist. And Lana makes a great classic doomed temptress... A stunner.


Yoann Lemoine
Executive Producer
Charles Marie Anthonioz / Coleen Haynes
Production Company
Iconoclast/Black Dog Films USA
Oualid Mouaness
Director of Photography
Rodrigo Prieto
Art Director
Charles Infante
Johnny Blue Eyes
Anna Cofone
Pamela Cochrane
Semera Khan

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