Marina and the Diamonds 'Prima Donna' by Casper Balslev

Marina and the Diamonds 'Prima Donna' by Casper BalslevMarina and the Diamonds 'Prima Donna' by Casper BalslevMarina and the Diamonds 'Prima Donna' by Casper Balslev
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Casper Balslev is back with Marina and the Diamonds' Prima Donna, the first single from Marina's new album. And bringing another dash of Danish cool to the pop video with his unmistakeable style.


Caspar Balslev
Executive Producer
Paul Mckee
Production Company
Line Producer
Mikkel Damkjær
Production Manager
Anne Marie
Director of Photography
Sebastian Wintherø
Post production company
Spoiled Productions
Jake Wynne
George K @ MPC
Post Producer
Jamie Loudon @ MPC
Art Director
Rasmus With
Celestine Cooney
Darren Evans
Asst stylist
Madeleine Ostlie
Alan Parks

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