Yuksek 'Off The Wall' by Romain Segaud

Yuksek 'Off The Wall' by Romain Segaud
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It's all hands on deck (literally) for Romain Seqaud's fun and inventive promo to Yuksek's Off The Wall.

An excellent study in symmetry, Segaud was helped out by six pairs of hands - playing instruments, hoola-hooping, making faces... keeping the momentum going right to the end. Well worth a look.

See how it was all achieved with this making-of here


Romain Segaud
Production Company
SolabSolab website
Sophian Belgarbi
Elyan Charvet
Michel Anglio
Production designer
Solène Ortoli
Production Assistant
Juliette Lefèvre, Camille Ortoli
Fabrice Lombard
Romain Kunstlinger
Nicolas Tiry, Edouard Chassaing

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