The Good The Bad's 023 by Jeppe Kolstrup

The Good The Bad's 023 by Jeppe Kolstrup
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Jeppe Kolstrup's film for Danish surf rock trio The Good The Bad's 023 (released on February 13th) doesn't have the frisson of his famous/notorious video for the band's 030, but it's nearly as explosive....

"[Originally] I didn't want to do a video for The Good The Bad again because of the success of 030," says Jeppe. "I knew I couldn't follow up on the success of the first one I did for them, so why even try But then I saw TGTB live again in a small, smelly, dark club in Copenhagen. The energy was devastating from both the band and the audience! I couldn't resist any more and decided to do it - this time featuring the band. At the time I really wanted to beat up a guy. So with the work title 'For The Broken Hearted' I decided to do this love story about two boys beating up each and sort of integrate the fight with an energetic performance by the band.

"For casting I visited a couple of MMA clubs (Mixed Martial Arts fights) in Copenhagen and looked at many MMA fights at YouTube. It was really hard to find two some guys who wasn't bald and with big dragons or dogs tattooed all over the body. But at the end we found these two guys - Jaanis Hundt from Estonia and Kasper Topperup from Odense, Denmark.

"I didn't meet them before the shoot, so I just had to cross my fingers... I did some pre choreography for them. But a lot of it is actually improvised at the set because of the lack of time. Really amazing guys to work with!"

The result is another fine video coming out of Denmark...


Assi Ian Isak Plough Ochoa
Production Company
Spoiled Productions
Line Sander, Thor Brammer Jacobsen
Director of Photography
Rasmus Heise
Anders Jon Petersen
Lasse Marcussen/Cameo Film
Ayoe Nissen
Mikkel Hesse
Casting director
Varaporn Poorisrisak

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