Ghostpoet ft The D.O.T. 'Trouble' by UNKNOWN

Ghostpoet ft The D.O.T. 'Trouble' by UNKNOWNGhostpoet ft The D.O.T. 'Trouble' by UNKNOWN
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Ghostpoet and The D.O.T's new collaboration Trouble has inspired what is being described as the World's First Live Interactive Music Video...

Created by the directing collective UNKNOWN - who directed the excellent MVA-nominated video for Ghostpoet's Survive It earlier this year - with the support of Passion RAW and Rizlab (who are sponsoring experiments in music), Ghostpoet and The D.O.T. performed Trouble at a a DJ event at the Village Underground in Shoreditch on 30th November. The performance was streamed live online and the audience at home were able to dictate the kind of trouble that the band found themselves in...

Over 20,000 viewers were given 32 possibilities, via two buttons on their screens at home, to affect this single performance. Every 15 seconds the viewer could vote as to the next action that would occur: Cheerleaders, or Balls Balloons or Bad Disco Tourist/Pong or Bandzilla/Brrr... (!)

Here's the whole project - including pre-content shot and released in the days leading up the event to promote the video and drive traffic to the site for the day of the event - and, of course, the final music video itself... 


Production Company
Passion LondonPassion London website
Executive Producer
Dan Scott
Nick Moss
Director of Photography
Marcus Domleo
Production designer
Rosy Thomas
Director's Representation

Watch here

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