Diode and Rick Holland 'Open Blue' ft. Beth Rowley by Ben Canny

Diode and Rick Holland 'Open Blue' ft. Beth Rowley by Ben Canny
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A collaboration between producer Diode and poet Rick Holland has prompted this striking video for Open Blue by Ben Canny - an editor now directing his first video.

A series of strong compositions include singer Beth Rowley floating Ophelia-like in freezing water and cliff jumps at night. "The shoot entailed four days of madness up and down the Pembrokeshire coastline," says Ben. "Freezing quarry water, cliff jumps at night and a few extra grey hairs later and I think we've achieved a really different and exciting video!"


Director of Photography
Eva Arnold
Focus Puller
Phil Hardy
Camera operator
Tom Maine
James Ray
Liv Ollin
Special Thanks
James McNamara and Bluestone N

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