Bring Me The Horizon 'Alligator Blood' by Stuart Birchall

Bring Me The Horizon 'Alligator Blood' by Stuart BirchallBring Me The Horizon 'Alligator Blood' by Stuart Birchall
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The Stuart Birchall-directed video for Bring Me The Horizon's Alligator Blood is a Lynch-inspired nightmare involving sexy vampires, a ten-foot alligator, and a tarantula - and is a special Halloween's Night release...

It's what Stuart calls "a collective nightmare projected inside the mind of lead singer Oli, demonstrating themes of the pursuit of excess and vice and the reality that we all face our fears eventually..."

Stuart Birchall on making the video for Bring Me The Horizon's Alligator Blood

"The initial ideas were more extreme and I had to reign back the concept for a TV audience. I wanted to play with symbolism and ritual. Avoiding the obvious 'Russian Roulette' themes from the lyrics, I looked to create an original take on the 'dance with the devil' themes and the idea of fate and consequence, the splitting of the psyche and facing fear.

"Working with DP Rob Wilton and production designer Rosheen McNamee we were able to create a very striking style within each environment in the video, all having their own subtle themes. The lighting style is crucial in getting atmosphere right on a project like this and despite our customary long shoots and production hurdles once again Rob demonstrated why he is first in line for all my productions. "Shooting with 'Baby' the 10 foot alligator was amazing - a very impressive animal. Working with a Tarantula I was less fond of! Guitarist Jona on the other hand loved it and was happy to have her crawling all over him to get the shots! Oli was very relaxed and comfortable with the acting elements in the video as were all the band members, but the real energy came through in the performance, with each member giving a huge solo performance.

"Alex Dunn edited the piece with precision, delivering a visceral cut that really brings the visuals to life. We worked together on the grade, meticulously working through each shot until we felt we had something that was distinctive. Once again the attention to the little details that may seem inconsequential are what distinguishes Alex work as an editor."


Stuart Birchall
Alex Dunn
Production Manager
Leila Mousavi
Production Company
You Know
Production designer
Rosheen McNamee
Jane Stiefel
Kylie Griffiths
Focus Puller
James Leckey / Julian Sharma
Clapper Loader
Jay Oxley / Sophie Black
Darren Koh
Behind The Scenes
Stefan Klenke
Jim Clubb @ Amazing Animals

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