Florence And The Machine 'Shake It Out' by Dawn Shadforth

Florence And The Machine 'Shake It Out' by Dawn ShadforthFlorence And The Machine 'Shake It Out' by Dawn ShadforthFlorence And The Machine 'Shake It Out' by Dawn Shadforth
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Florence Welch bursts back, all guns blazing, with Shake It Out, and Dawn Shadforth's video pulls out the stops to reflect its wrought emotion, with a sumptuous period mystery and Florence as a beautifully-attired Victorian heroine, seemingly harbouring multiple personalities.
It was shot in Eltham Palace, with Ed Rutherford behind the camera, styling by Aldene Johnson, and Dawn working with editor Thomas Grove Carter for the first time.


Dawn Shadforth
Cindy Burnay
Executive Producer
Svana Gisla
Production Company
Black Dog FilmsBlack Dog Films website
Director of Photography
Ed Rutherford
Production designer
Alice Normington
Aldene Johnson
Alex Brownsell
Thomas Grove Carter
Aubrey Woodiwiss
Golden Square Post
Ailsa Robertson

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