Cloud Control 'Death Cloud' by Luke Snellin

Cloud Control 'Death Cloud' by Luke Snellin
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Luke Snellin's video for Cloud Control's Death Cloud - taken from the Aussie band's debut album Bliss Release - tells a story of two tense guys in a van, and a strange creature ill-equipped to survive in our world.

It's certainly in the vein of recent videos for Yeasayer and MGMT, but not quite so fatalistic. And Luke's blog explains how they made their creature and shot in Spain for two days, on around £3.5K...


Luke Snellin
Chris Cable
Executive Producer
James Sorton
Production Company
2am Films
Director of Photography
Ollie Downey
Focus Puller
Rami Bartholdy
Johnny Rayner @Speade
Edwin Metternich @Framestore
Alex Arnold & Sam Palladio
Special Thanks
Anna Kennedy, Ben Burdock, Luke Rafferty, Andrew McLintock, Feral Equipment, Panalux, Simon Paul, Speade, The Mill, Framestore, 2AM, Lifecast

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