DJ Shadow feat. Afrikan Boy 'I'm Excited' by Ian Pons Jewell

DJ Shadow feat. Afrikan Boy 'I'm Excited' by Ian Pons JewellDJ Shadow feat. Afrikan Boy 'I'm Excited' by Ian Pons JewellDJ Shadow feat. Afrikan Boy 'I'm Excited' by Ian Pons Jewell
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Ian Pons Jewell delivers this quirky, hard-edged and tongue-in-cheek winner for DJ Shadow's I'm Excited - from his forthcoming album The Less You Know The Better (September 26).

With an enigmatic performance from Afrikan Boy, Jewell's maverick promo certainly displays a flair for the surreal.

"The visuals came about pretty directly from listening to the track" explains Pons Jewell "originally drawing inspiration from the African Space Program. It became a bit out of hand trying to write a piece where he built a spaceship, so teleportation became the better option for the budget.

"He was styled as a Gaddafi type dictator with an obsession for inter-dimensional travel, employing the skills of a mad inventor to make the contraption. We ended up with just over a week to turn it


Ian Pons Jewell
Executive Producer
Neil Cray
Jason Lovelock
Production Company
1st AD
Tim Harrison
Gaia Borretti
Art Director
Caroline Story
Delaine Le Bas
Luke Morrison @ The Mill
Focus Puller
Stephen Cornacchia
Camera operator
Bruno Travers
Seb Lamb
Post Producer

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