Bearsuit 'Princess You're A Test' by James Sharpe

Bearsuit 'Princess You're A Test' by James Sharpe
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An engaging promo for Norwich band Bearsuit's Princess You're A Test by James Sharpe - which required him shooting the band over the course of one night in a Norfolk forest, from dusk to dawn...

"The idea was to have a story about the band being tormented by a forest dwelling princess/spirit - drawing on some of the imagery in the songs on their Phantom Forest album - who puts the band through a series of bizarre tests and to do a really layered, kinetic and surreal edit to create a sense of the kind of unhinged panic you get in a nightmare.

"The princess is played by Ellie Jones from Norwich band Fever Fever. We shot from 7pm to 7am in a forest in Norwich with one camera and one light, in the pitch dark. We all went slightly mad."


James Sharpe
Owen Davies
Director of Photography
Sam Jordan
Camera operator
Sam Hawker
James Sharpe

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