Fixers 'Swimmhaus Johannesburg' by Lucy Bridger

Fixers 'Swimmhaus Johannesburg' by Lucy Bridger
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The video for Mercury signings Fixers' Swimmhaus Johannesburg is by 21 year old Lucy Bridger - her fourth video. It features a Japanese girl in a London hotel room - initially cheerful yet clearly alone - and builds a quietly creepy atmosphere to accompany the performance.

"This video was mainly influenced by Haruki Murakami's novels and the darker undertones used," Lucy explains. "I've always been interested in Japanese culture so we used both modern and traditional Japanese references. Using the bright and sickly colouring of current Japanese pop culture and the more delicate floral patterns used in traditional Japanese culture.

"There's no definitive answer to who she is or what she does, but I wanted to hint at wealth. In this video it was important for me to have a strong aesthetic and atmosphere that matches the song without being contrived."


Lucy Bridger
Sam LeGassick
Executive Producer
Pete Shuttleworth
Production Company
Pretzel Films
Director of Photography
Sarah Bartles
Joanne Mooney
Lucy Bridger
Shuna Iijima
Julia Frost

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