Lethal Bizzle's Mind Spinning by Carly Cussen

Lethal Bizzle's Mind Spinning by Carly CussenLethal Bizzle's Mind Spinning by Carly Cussen
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Carly Cusson's dramatic sequel to her promo for Lethal Bizzle's Pow 2011 sets out to prove that stealing (and getting legless) isn't always the answer.

This second installment of a 3 part sequel includes a honey trap, a car crash and memory loss resulting in Bizzle being arrested for a bank robbery. With all in-camera effects and exhaustive slick editing, the result is punchy and exciting, setting us up part 3...


Carly Cussen
Production Company
Mushroom TV
Carly Cussen
Director of Photography
Aaron Reid
Production Manager
Asz Razaq
Carly Cussen
Chas Appeti @ pixle pusher

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