Manchester Orchestra's Simple Math by DANIELS

Manchester Orchestra's Simple Math by DANIELS
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Brilliant, awesome, stupendous, tour de force... they are all massively overused phrases - and we're as guilty over here on Promo News as anyone. But then, very occasionally, something comes along which fully justifies these descriptions, and a few more. The video for Manchester Orchestra's Simple Math by Daniels is one of those occasions.

The Daniels Scheinert and Kwan's previous work like FM Belfast's Underwear, has demonstrated their talent for choreographed chaos. This develops that idea and amplifies it to the power of ten. Its a notion that can be universally understood - the life-death moment when one's previous life flashes before you. But the way that idea is executed is original, skilful and utterly thrilling. And its a great song. Just watch it.


Gaetano Crupi Jr.
Executive Producer
Candice Ouaknine
Production Company
PrettybirdPrettybird website
Director of Photography
Jackson Hunt
Art Director
Sophie Kosofsky
Director's Representation
Danielle Hinde
Bryan Younce

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