Take That 'Kidz' by Mat Whitecross and Eran Creevy

Take That 'Kidz' by Mat Whitecross and Eran CreevyTake That 'Kidz' by Mat Whitecross and Eran CreevyTake That 'Kidz' by Mat Whitecross and Eran CreevyTake That 'Kidz' by Mat Whitecross and Eran Creevy
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Following the rowing adventure that was his video for Take That's The Flood, Mat Whitecross teams up with Eran Creevy for their next single Kidz. Here Creevy takes us through the process behind the brilliant and epic production:

"Mat Whitecross and I are close friends and hadn't co-directed since we first set up our production company. Otis Bell, our rep, suggested us teaming up again and it's been brilliant. We shot the promo in two hectic days with spaceship interiors, exteriors, SWAT teams, army, police, Humvees, ambulances, armored vehicles, a fake helicopter, 200 hundred extras, and most importantly... Take That.

"We had to sometimes split into separate units just to achieve our boards. Our experienced producer Ben Sullivan recommended the Nu Boyana studios in Bulgaria due to their amazing back lots, studio space and remarkable crews. They had just shot the new Conan The Barbarian movie and Peter Weirs The Way Back so the crews are very experienced, talented and used to operating at a very high standard.

"Our exceptional VFX team in London, The Brewery, were kept in constant communication with our production designer in Bulgaria, Antonello Rubino. The Brewery were simultaneously building our CGI spaceship whilst Antonello was designing the spaceship interior and landing gear set build, luckily they managed to pull it off. We had an experienced 1st, Mark Roper, who guided us smoothly through the two days and knew our boards better than we did.


Mat Whitecross
Production Company
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
Ben Sullivan
Line Producer
Gabriel Georgiev
Executive Producer
Ben Pugh & Hannah Clark
Director of Photography
Lorenzo Sen
Production designer
Antonello Rubino
Luke Day (TT) and Marcus Love (RW)
Nick Allix @ The Whitehouse
Simone Grattarola
Ross Anderson
Carrie Sutton

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