Above & Beyond's Sun And Moon by Ferry Gouw

Above & Beyond's Sun And Moon by Ferry Gouw
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With a riveting performance from Northern Soul dancer Steve Cato, Ferry Gouw focuses on the emotional vibe of Above & Beyond's Sun And Moon, as Cato attempts to dance away the pain of a relationship gone wrong.

"I'm trying to bring back the idea of dancing as a transcendental act, where the discipline represents an emotional life beyond the merely hedonistic," explains Ferry. "Northern soul is the closest thing to this. We tried really hard to approach it cinematically, and avoid doing a retro pastiche."


Ferry Gouw
Production Company
RUN Productions
David Beazley
Director of Photography
Dan Stafford Clark
1st AD
James McGrady
2nd AD
Ben Quirk
Carolina Schmidtholstein
Chris Cummins
Focus Puller
Ralph Messer
Art Director
Fred Allsop
Georgina Bacchus
Alexis Odiowei

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