Shaheen’s Last Train Home by Orlando Cubitt

Shaheen’s Last Train Home by Orlando Cubitt
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Shaheen is not blessed with pop star looks, but he has a big voice, and this a very well made pop video by Orlando Cubitt for the lushly romantic Last Train Home.

Orlando plucks from some familiar Eighties influences, and then handles them with great style. And its a familiar refrain around these parts, but the photography by Steve Annis is wonderful. Lovely work.


Orlando Cubitt
Production Company
Flynn Productions
Jacob Swan Hyam
Production Manager
Marilyn Napaul
1st AD
Kerry Green
Director of Photography
Steve Annis
Art Director
Helen Macintyre
David Leighton
Julian Ganio
Ben Canny
Ailsa Robertson
Perry Howell, Viola Vicini, David Yap, Michael Lewis, Maresa Schick

Watch here

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