Everything Everything’s Photoshop Handsome by Jon Everything

Everything Everything’s Photoshop Handsome by Jon Everything
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Everything Everything's second video for Photoshop Handsome is finally out, and in keeping with their name, the band have essentially crammed a complete manual of desktop animation and VFX to illustrate the song, courtesy of some very canny professional crowd-sourcing.

Following frontman Jonathan Higgs's very specific brief, forty or so animators - marshalled by producer extraordinaire Phil Tidy - have embellished a few seconds of greenscreen band performance, following a path from idealized (Photoshopped) beauty to human imperfection - and then way, way beyond.

Great stuff - and a kind of turbo-charged version of the original video (made with the help of Bolton University) last year.

Phil Tidy on making the video for Everything Everything's Photoshop Handsome:

"So we shot the video against green screen, edited it into some semblance of strangeness, then we cut it up into chunks of approximately one second with a few longer sections. These chunks were then put as TIFF sequences into folders on an FTP site and were then assigned to a ton of post production monkeys.

"Adam Comisky at PEW 36 created a crazy spreadsheet where each shot was given an influence or mood for inspiration from a vomit of ideas from Jon Everything. The post monkeys mainly ignored these ideas and came up with crazy nonsense themselves. They then put these sequences back into their allotted folder on my FTP site and Simone Tennant with some of his own madness put it back together. "We had not seen more than a few chunks edited together, so when we compiled it all its was like unwrapping a present of insanity."


Jonathan Higgs

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