Sub Focus’ Splash (feat. Coco) by Nick Frew

Sub Focus’ Splash (feat. Coco) by Nick FrewSub Focus’ Splash (feat. Coco) by Nick Frew
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Shot at Dalston Boys Club in East London, Nick Frew's dark, brooding promo for Sub Focus' Splash echoes the intensity of the track. Featuring an enigmatic performance by Coco Sumner, Frew had this to say about the shoot:

"The fantastic Grand Union Flag was there at the location and as soon as I saw it, I knew we had to hang the thing and get Coco's performance in front of it. Likewise with the chandelier. The place is amazing, filled with stuff, and lots of ideas came from what we found there. You may notice the flashing wallpaper. I've been wanting to try that effect for ages. Art department were stencilling the walls with UV paint for about 24hrs but it wasn't until the shoot day that we knew it worked. I'm so glad it did.

"We shot on 2 cameras - the main camera was a Canon 5D and we shot B-Roll on a 7D grabbing other angles, cutaways, slo-mo stuff and all the delicious, wobbly the Lens Baby bits. The edit was a monster but it was very rewarding having so much variety to play with.

"Sam, who plays the drummer guy, was amazing. His casting was an electric experience. He was topless, smashing the shit out of a chair at Flynn while I chased him about with a camera. The casting video itself was tearing. I knew we'd found our man. But he's a really nice chap. Odd".

Watch: here


Nick Frew
Jack Whilding Newman
1st AD
Oliver Kester
Director of Photography
Jim PhilPot
Production designer
Jade Page & Will Bock
Rose Forde
Dirty Robber Allstars
Dirty Robber
Martin Roe @ Dirty Robber
Scott Bourne

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