Ellie Goulding’s Starry Eyed by OneInThree

Ellie Goulding’s Starry Eyed by OneInThreeEllie Goulding’s Starry Eyed by OneInThreeEllie Goulding’s Starry Eyed by OneInThree
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The first major release by Ellie Goulding, widely touted for big things this year and already the winner of a Brit award, gets a strong launch with a performance-based video by Ross Cooper and Bugsy Riverbank Steel of OneInThree, with added Muybridge-style visual effects they customized themselves from a popular TV sports package - see below.

The video was shot at delightful inner London wedding venue Finsbury Town Hall - and the stars are on Ellie's hands as well as in her eyes.

Bugsy and Ross of OneInThree on the making of the video for Ellie Golding's Starry Eyed

"We were really into the production of this track and our idea for the video came from us wanting to visualise the echoes, reverses and reverberations of the song. We discovered a technique called StroMotion? that is traditionally used in sporting analysis.

"The effect traces its lineage all the back to one of our photographic heroes, all-round strange man and acquitted murderer Eadweard Muybridge. The off-the-shelf software didn't give us the level of control we needed, so we worked out how to create the effect ourselves in After Effects.

"Immediately after we won this job, Ellie won the Brits newcomer award, and this resulted in that rarest and most fortuitous of pop promo circumstances: the budget actually went up after the video was commissioned. This meant we could afford the luxury of cutting with the ever awesome James Rose at Cut and Run and Nathan Parker had some money to give our lovely, if a little faded-round-the-edges location a bit more of a pop sheen.

"We designed costumes for the dancers that would look really great frozen in motion and would be as time-consuming as possible to rotoscope. The fantastic Ross McLennan made everything, especially Ellie, look beautiful and we were really happy with the charming performance that we captured on the first day back after the New Year.

"We did all the effects in-house. The post process was a mad rush as ever, with over sixty effects shots done in couple of days. During that process Ellie won the BBC Sound of 2010 - which was great for her, but meant our offline had to 'air to over 500 people' at the label. We were dreading over 500 separate feedback emails with tweaks, which thankfully never came. Many thanks to everyone involved."


Production Company
Colonel Blimp
Kristin R
Director of Photography
Ross McLennan
Art Director
Lynne Page
Raquel Garcia
Dee V'lcevska
James Rose
Ross Cooper (OneInThree)
Emily Tedrake

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