Miike Snow's Animal and The XX's Basic Space by Anthony Dickenson

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Two fine new examples of visual experimentation from the highly talented Anthony Dickenson.

You could watch Anthony's intriguing video for Miike Snow's Animal many times without figuring out how he magically creates a forest which then turns into a city, but essentially it's a combination of projections, animation, and sculpture - with added band performance - and mapping the projection took ages. Catchy song too.


And Anthony has conducted another of his light-experiments with the video for fine new indie outfit The XX's Basic Space.

This one was achieved by shooting objects on a rotating turntable on very long exposures in a simple lighting set-up - Anthony shot this himself. The results are subtly gorgeous, and with a simple performance nicely complement the track.



Production Company
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
Anthony Dickenson
Neil Andrews
Director of Photography
Anthony Dickenson
Art Director
Time Based Arts
Time Based Arts
Anthony Dickenson
Phil Lee

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