The King Blues vs Lord Byron vs Corin Hardy

The King Blues vs Lord Byron vs Corin HardyThe King Blues vs Lord Byron vs Corin Hardy
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In Corin Hardy's film for the current BBC Poetry Season, the visceral power of rock meets the beauty and grace of classic verse.

Punkers The King Blues are at the piledriving climax of their live show when frontman Itch somehow finds a moment of quiet reflection to recite Lord Byron's So We'll Go No More A-Roving.

Shot at Koko in Camden Town, this is a superbly executed cinematic slice of heightened realism from Corin, who came up with the treatment himself after the BBC asked Academy to submit proposals for a creative viral campaign to make their poetry season more accessible to The Nation's Youth.

Itch's poetry recital was recorded in advance and then played back during filming at double speed - and lip-synced by the singer - to allow for the eventual slow-motion visuals.

"I pretty much classed myself as the target audience when considering this project, with the aim of drawing attention towards poetry for people who don't think enough about it, but do consider movies and songs in their daily mindset," says Corin.

"The idea of a punk band unconventionally reciting a classic poem amid the throes of their last song of the night was really brought to life by the amazing visual and lyrical delivery of Itch and The King Blues. And the RED camera proved a worthy capturing device at the hands of DoP Stuart Bentley.

"I hope it helps people consider 'when was the last time I read or wrote a poem'"


Production Company
Academy/A+Academy/A+ website
Corin Hardy
Noreen Khan
Director of Photography
Stuart Bentley
Amanda James
Nico Cotta
Sound design
Tom Warren

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