You Me At Six's Save It For The Bedroom by Shane Davey

You Me At Six's Save It For The Bedroom by Shane DaveyYou Me At Six's Save It For The Bedroom by Shane Davey
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In the new You Me At Six video by Shane Davey - his second for the band - daytime TV presenter Lazarus Ironside performs an important public service exposing the scumbags who choose to torment and humilate their poor, stupid, fame-hungry families in front of a baying mob.

All good satirical fun on the Jeremy Kyle school of broadcasting, with the band going in for cross-dressing in a big way and Lazarus played by Joerg Stadler - "Steamboat Willie" in Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan - to a pop-emo soundtrack.

"We shot on both Red and old Beta SP cameras from the studio, which caused us a few problems in post - sorry Vid/Aubrey/Cath - but it gave us a real live/trashy TV show feel," says Shane. "The band really wanted to dress up and play all the characters in the video and took to dragging up in true Priscilla style.

"They also absolutely loved smashing up the studio - probably considerably more than we loved cleaning it up at midnight."


Production Company
Davey Inc.
Shane Davey
Gail Davey
Director of Photography
Daniel Trapp
Art Director
Tom Weaving
1st AD
Rob Hunter
Jo Budden
Vid Price
Aubrey Woodiwiss
Alistair Tant

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