YSL by Chris Sweeney and Sarah Chatfield

YSL by Chris Sweeney and Sarah Chatfield
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Okay, it's not a video but... well, actually it is, a very stylish and beautiful one. It just happens to be for a fashion show - Stefano Pilati's menswear collection 08-09 at Yves Saint Laurent. It played last week in Paris on three huge screens - hence the triptych design, and a most un-music promolike luxurious feel.

Could this be a bit of a trendsetter (And can you still say trendsetter) Surely no self-respecting fashion show can do without it's own video now. Catwalks - so last season...


Production Company
Colonel BlimpColonel Blimp website
Chris Sweeney
Rhun Francis
Director of Photography
Gosta Reiland
Art Director
Morgan Kennedy
Mark Gethin
Sarah Chatfield

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