UK Music Video Awards 2017: Directors UK partnering UKMVAs

UK Music Video Awards 2017: Directors UK partnering UKMVAs

Directors UK, the professional association of UK screen directors, is partnering this year's UK Music Video Awards.

Directors UK is the professional association of UK screen directors in the UK, representing the creative, economic and contractual interests of over 6,500 members - that's the majority of working TV and film directors in the UK – ensuring that directors, and their work are recognised at every level.

As a members service, Directors UK collects and distributes royalty payments and provide a range of services including legal advice, events, and career development. They will be offering an Associate Membership of the association to one of the MVA winners, and also getting involved in upcoming MVA-linked events at the War Child Film Festival next month.

Abigail Berry, Member Services and Events Manager at Directors UK, says: "We are delighted to be supporting the UK Music Video Awards this year. As an organisation which represents screen directors working in all mediums, it is very important that we recognise the important role that both emerging and established directors play in music video. We look forward to working with the UKMVA team and building our relationships with this vibrant community."


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