Jamie O’Donnell moves up at Cut+Run

Jamie O’Donnell moves up at Cut+Run

London editing house Cut+Run has announced that Jamie O'Donnell, one of their brightest up-and-coming talents, has been promoted to full editor.

O'Donnell's promotion follows his breakthrough in music videos over the past couple of years when he has become increasingly sought-after talent, editing clips for the likes of Years & Years, Jax Jones, Laura Mvula, Roisin Murphy and Seramic. He has also increasingly made an impact in the commercial world, with work for River Island, Vogue, Zalando and Cadbury. 

An Australian who started editing films made by friends in the media department at university, O'Donnell joined Cut+Run in London six years ago as an assistant editor. Since stepping up to editing promos himself, he has demonstrated a flair for cutting offbeat, untraditional choreography in clips like Years & Years' Worship, directed by Matt Lambert, Jax Jones's House Work, directed by Ozzie Pullin, and the new video for Seramic's I Got You, by Yagaboo. 

“Jamie has progressed to the role of editor with quiet, yet assured confidence,” says Toby Abbott, managing director of Cut+Run in London. “Not only does he possess a natural storytelling ability, but he has an incredible ability to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere in which to cut.” 

James Rose, senior editor and partner at Cut+Run, adds, “Jamie’s come on quickly and developed a real sense of balance and control in his work. He knows when to hold back or when to push the edit – I’m excited to see him move forward.”

• Watch Jamie O'Donnell's showreel at Cut+Run London here

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