Top camera operators Mitch Dubin and Chris Haarhoff in London event on Sunday 18th September

Top camera operators Mitch Dubin and Chris Haarhoff in London event on Sunday 18th September

Two of Hollywood's finest camera operators will be talking about their work on some of the most iconic movies of the past two decades, this coming Sunday, September 18th, at the Tricycle Theatre in London. 

Mitch Dubin SOC, ACO and Chris Haarhoff SOC will be discussing their work with Phil Méheux BSC, using personally selected clips from the genre-defining films Birdman, War of the Worlds, Fight Club, Minority Report and Saving Private Ryan, in a talk organised by The Association of Camera Operators and the Guild of British Camera Technicians. 

Haarhoff and Dubin will reveal aspects of their working relationships with Oscar-winning directors, cinematographers and actors – including Steven Spielberg, Alejandro Iñárritu, Emmanuel Lubezki, Janusz Kamiński and Tom Hanks. The audience will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Book as soon as possible to secure a place at this very special, one-off event at the Tricycle Theatre, 269 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7RJ, on Sunday, Setpember 18th, starting at 11am. Tickets are £12, available here. 

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