UK Music Video Awards 2015: the Best Video UK nominations in full

UK Music Video Awards 2015: the Best Video UK nominations in full

Here are the details of the nominations for the UK music genre categories at the UK Music Video Awards 2015 - which takes place in a little under four weeks time on November 5th - including director, production company, commissioner and label credit information where currently available.

Credit info on the nominations on all the other categories at this year’s UKMVAs is coming soon.

The UK Music Video Awards 2015 and aftershow party takes place, for the first time, at the legendary Roundhouse in London.  Tickets for the ceremony and aftershow are available from the UK Music Video Awards website, 

Best Alternative Video - UK

​alt-j - Pusher 
Director: Thomas Rhazi 
Prod Co: Division 
Producer: Jules de Chateleux, Roman Pichon Herrera 
Label: Infectious 
Commissioner: Pat Carr​

​alt-j - Every Other Freckle 
Director: Olivier Groulx 
Prod Co: Partizan 
Producers: Adam Farley, Leanne Stott 
Label: Infectious 
Commissioner: Connie Meade

FKA twigs - Pendulum 
Director: FKA twigs 
Prod Co: Academy Films / A+ 
Producer: Morgan Clement 
Label: XL Recordings 
Commissioner: Phil Lee

Glass Animals - Hazey 
Director: Georgia Hudson 
Prod Co: Agile Films 
Producer: Kat Cattaneo 
Label: Wolf Tone 
Commissioner: Mike Hudson, Amy Morgan

Philip Selway - Coming Up For Air 
Director: NYSU 
Prod Co: NYSU Films 
Producer: Alberto López Garrido 
Label: Bella Union 
Commissioner: John Moule

The Staves - Black & White 
Director: Jack Whiteley 
Prod Co: Rattling Stick 
Producer: Ellie Fry 
Label: Atlantic 
Commissioner: Dan Curwin


Best Dance Video - UK

Clark - To Live and Die in Grantham 
Director: Chris Hewitt 
Prod Co: Knucklehead 
Producer: Sarah Aranda-Garzon 
Label: Warp 
Commissioner: Greg Eden, Kazim Rashid

Fono - Real Joy 
Director: Simon Cahn 
Prod Co: Pulse Films 
Producer: Rik Green 
Label: Relentless 
Commissioner: Caroline Clayton

Grades - King 
Director: Taichi Kimura 
Prod Co: Pvntheon 
Producer: Takuma Hiramatsu 
Label: One More Tune, Warner Bros 
Commissioner: Sam Seager

Hot Chip - Need You Now 
Director: Shynola
Prod Co: Black Dog Films
Producer: Jacob Swan 
Label: Hyam Domino 
Commissioner: John Moule

Leftfield & Sleaford Mods - Head and Shoulders 
Director: Ewan & Casey 
Prod Co: Riff Raff Films 
Producer: Monica Domanska 
Label: Infectious 
Commissioner: Natalie Arnett

The Chemical Brothers - Sometimes I Feel So Deserted 
Director: Ninian Doff 
Prod Co: Pulse Films 
Producer: Rik Green 
Label: Virgin EMI 
Commissioner: Ailsa Robertson


Best Pop Video – UK, in association with RUSHES


Gabrielle Aplin - Sweet Nothing
Director: Joe Connor
Prod co: Chief Productions
Producer: Matt Clyde
Label: Warners
Commissioner: Sam Seager

George Ezra - Listen To The Man
Director: Rob Brandon 
Prod Co: Agile Films 
Producer: Amber Millington 
Label: Sony Music 
Commissioner: Elizabeth Doonan

Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk 
Director: Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars 
Prod Co: DNA 
Producer: Jeremy Sullivan 
Label: Sony Music 
Commissioner: Mike O'Keefe

Naughty Boy ft Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin - Runnin' (Lose It All)
Director: Charlie Robins 
Prod Co: Forever Pictures 
Producer: Sarah Tognazzi 
Label: Virgin EMI 
Commissioner: James Hackett

Sam Smith - Lay Me Down 
Director: Ryan Hope 
Prod Co: Black Dog Films 
Producer: Amy James 
Label: Mercury 
Commissioner: John Moule 

Years & Years - King 

Director: Nadia Marquard Otzen 
Prod Co: Academy Films / A+ 
Producer: Morgan Clement 
Label: Polydor 
Commissioner: Emily Tedrake


Best Rock/Indie Video – UK

Bastille vs Grades - Torn Apart 
Director: Keith Schofield 
Prod Co: Caviar 
Producer: Adrianne McCurrach 
Label: Virgin EMI 
Commissioner: James Hackett

Florence + The Machine - Queen of Peace 
Director: Vincent Haycock 
Prod Co: Park Pictures 
Producer: Nick Goldsmith 
Label: Island 
Commissioner: Bob Brimson, Natalia Maus

Florence + The Machine - What Kind of Man 
Director: Vincent Haycock 
Prod Co: Mainline, 9A Films 
Producer: Alex Fisch 
Label: Island 
Commissioner: Bob Brimson

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Ballad of The Mighty I 
Director: John Hardwick 
Prod Co: Shabana Mansuri 
Producer: My Accomplice 
Label: Sour Mash 
Commissioner: Carrie Sutton

Royal Blood - Out Of The Black 
Director: David Wilson & Christy Karacas 
Prod Co: Colonel Blimp 
Producer: Corin Taylor 
Label: Warner Bros 
Commissioner: Sam Seager

Slaves - Cheer Up London 
Director: Ben & Ross 
Prod Co: Bullion Productions 
Producer: Drew O'Neill 
Label: Virgin EMI 
Commissioner: James Hackett


Best Urban Video – UK

Dizzee Rascal - Couple of Stacks 
Director: Émile Sornin 
Prod Co: Division 
Producer: Jules de Chateleux 
Label: Dirtee Stank 
Commissioner: John Moule

Dizzee Rascal - Pagans 
Director: Émile Sornin 
Prod Co: Division
Producer: Jules de Chateleux 
Label: Dirtee Stank 
Commissioner: John Moule

George the Poet - 1,2,1,2 
Director: Abbie Stephens 
Prod Co: Creature of London 
Producers: Rob Hughes, Harvey Ascott 
Label: Island 
Commissioner: Ailsa Robertson

Krept & Konan ft Jeremih - Freak of the Week 
Director: Carly Cussen 
Prod Co: MOS Films 
Producer: Nailah Blissett 
Label: Virgin EMI 
Commissioner: James Hackett

Rag n Bone Man ft Vince Staples - Hell Yeah
Director: Truman & Cooper 
Production Company: Colonel Blimp, Wanda Productions 
Prod Co: Corin Taylor 
Label: Columbia 
Commissioner: Laura Clayton

Raleigh Ritchie - Bloodsport '15 Pt 2  
Director: Shynola 
Production Company: Black Dog Films 
Producer: Jacob Swan Hyam
Label: Columbia 
Commissioner: Laura Clayton

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