UK Music Video Awards 2015: MPC sponsors Best Director award at the UKMVAs

UK Music Video Awards 2015: MPC sponsors Best Director award at the UKMVAs

MPC, one of the biggest post production facilities in the world, is now confirmed as a partner at the UK Music Video Awards, sponsoring the award for Best Director.

It's the first time that MPC, global leaders in VFX for over 25 years, with industry-leading facilities in London, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, Bangalore, Montreal, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Shanghai and Paris, has sponsored Best Director, one of the most prestigious awards at the UKMVAs.

MPC is a creative studio that crafts spectacular visual experiences in any space, on any screen. Renowned for adding visual wonder and creative expertise to advertising, movies and music videos, the facility's most recent music promo work has included videos for Chemical Brothers, Gabrielle Aplin, Sam Smith and Will Young.

On the announcement of MPC's partnership with the UK Music Video Awards, Graham Bird, Global MD of MPC Advertising, said: “I have been fortunate enough to begin my career working on music videos, and in my opinion, they are part of the creative lifeblood of the music industry.  They provide an incredible platform for creative expression and the nurture of exciting new talent. Sponsoring the Best Director award is an honour.”

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