UK Music Video Awards 2014: judging for best director, new director, producer, commissioner and artist has started!

UK Music Video Awards 2014: judging for best director, new director, producer, commissioner and artist has started!

With the deadline passed on online judging for the best video and technical achievement awards, the UK Music Video Awards have now opened the online platform to all Jury Members to vote for the prestigious individual honours at the UKMVAs 2014 - the awards for best director, new director, producer, commissioner and artist.

With these categories open to entries for the first time, all the submission for the five awards - including the brand new award for Best Video Artist - can be viewed by all of the MVA Jury Members on the MVA online platform, using their personal login and password.

Jury Members are able to vote in each category - but only get ONE choice per category. Votes must be submitted by midnight UK time on Tuesday, 30th September 2014.

All Jury Members should now have received an email from the UK Music Video Awards team with instructions on how to access the judging platform, and log in. Once logged in Jury Members will see the five categories. Clicking on a category name will reveal the list of entrants, and clicking on each name will reveal the videos they are nominated for.

Jury Members can tick a name if they want to remember it for later, but you can only submit their vote once reduced this to a single tick. Votes will not be counted unless properly submitted, and no votes will be accepted after 30th September. People cannot vote for themselves, but can vote for colleagues. Jury Members should also be aware that the individual awards are presented for an exceptional body of work over the course of the past 12 months and not for work on one particular video.

Following the closure of the online platform on September 30th, all the nominations for this year's UKMVAs will be announced a few days later. The UK Music Video Awards 2014 take place on Monday, November 10th at the Southbank Centre in London. Booking forms for tickets will soon be available at


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