UK Music Video Awards 2014: first-round judging enters last few days - so get voting!

UK Music Video Awards 2014: first-round judging enters last few days - so get voting!

First round judging for many of the awards at the UK Music Video Awards 2014 is now in its last few days, with online judging of all the entries in the music genre and technical achievement awards via the UKMVA judging platform due to finish this Friday, September 12th.

All MVA Jury Members who have yet to vote should go to the judging platform on UK Music Video Awards website, using the log-in details they were sent via email by the UK Music Video Awards team, to view the videos in the categories they have been invited to judge.

All Jury Members have to do in the first round of judging is to pick their six favourites from the complete list of entries in each category.

The most popular selections in each category will then go on to the second round of judging, where panels of invited Jury Members will meet face-to-face to view those videos once more, vote and decide the award-winner.

Voting on the Individual Awards - Best Director, Best New Director, Best Producer, Best Commissioner and the new award of Best Video Artist - will be open to all Jury Members in the next couple of days. The second stage of judging, where panels of judges will meet to discuss the shortlists selected in the first round, will begin the week of Monday, September 15th.

Nominations for the UK Music Video Awards 2014 will be announced in early October, and then the seventh annual MVAs themselves take place for the second year running at Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre in London on November 10th. 

Tickets to the ceremony and the aftershow party will be on sale in the next few days - including details of an exciting new event tied into this year's UK Music Video Awards.

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