UK Music Video Awards 2013: Rushes sponsor Best Producer award at the UKMVAs

UK Music Video Awards 2013: Rushes sponsor Best Producer award at the UKMVAsUK Music Video Awards 2013: Rushes sponsor Best Producer award at the UKMVAs

Rushes Post Production is sponsoring the Best Producer award at the UK Music Video Awards 2013.

It's the sixth successive year that Rushes, one of London’s top post facilities, has sponsored the Best Producer prize at the MVAs – every year since the music video industry's premiere awards show began in 2008. They are doing so once again, reflecting the company’s longstanding close ties with the British music video industry and community. 

One of the world’s leading post production facilities offering the most up-to-date and comprehensive range of high-end creative services – including world-class colour grading, VFX, motion graphics and animation – Rushes has been involved in the post production of thousands of music videos, including numerous classic vids, for three decades.

“Rushes are happy to sponsor the MVAs, to honour the genre and all those involved," says Rushes MD Joce Capper. “They love music videos and the craft of producing fantastic ideas as much we do.  And, best of all, the industry gets to celebrate and have fantastic evening.”

The shortlist for Best Producer and the other Individual awards at the UK Music Video Awards 2013 were announced yesterday (October 15th), with all other UKMVA nominations announced earlier this month. 

And the UK Music Video Awards 2013 will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in the Southbank Centre, central London on October 28th. Book tickets now by downloading the ticket booking form on the UKMVA website



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