Max and Dania sign to Luti Media

Max and Dania sign to Luti MediaMax and Dania sign to Luti Media

Renowned for raising the bar on UK urban music videos through the late Nineties and early Noughties - with arguably their most successful video being for So Solid Crew's 21 Seconds, which won the Brit Award for Best Video in 2002 - Max & Dania made the leap into features in 2010 with the hugely successful Streetdance 3D - a UK box office smash - and then going on to direct the sequel, Streetdance 2.

Last year they were also asked by the BBC to represent British Film, for the Cultural Olympiad of the London Olympics, and directed the acclaimed short film, What If (below right), featuring Noel Clarke.

Now Max & Dania are available for music videos via Luti Media, represented by FreeAgent UK. On the announcement of their arrival at Luti Media, the directing duo said: "We look forward to making more films, short and long, that would entertain, inspire, provoke and excite audiences."

Max & Dania showreel here

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