Familia opens doors to music and fashion projects

Familia opens doors to music and fashion projects

Boutique production company FAMILIA has opened its doors for business, offering an original take on music, fashion and creative content.

Francis's music videos include Rousseau's In Good Company and Eli & Fur's Tonight, and he has directed fashion films for Julien Macdonald, Matthew Williamson, Hardy Amies and more. Craig recently joined The Joy Formidable on their UK tour for Clarks' ORIGINALS LIVE campaign to create an engaging spot, and has also directed promos for Yoyo Eskimo, Circus Town and The Shotguns. And Sasha's work include the recent videos for Theme Park's Two Hours and The Colour Movement's Roots, while his short film 3 Days In London tells the story of the aftermath of the 7/7 bombings.

In the words of Familia themselves, they are: "A company focused on the filming and bringing it back to raw ideas. It is time to turn it up and dance awkwardly, because these boys are singing a catchy tune with a humble melody."

Find out more about Familia here

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