BUG returns to ODEON Leicester Square on March 19th with 'Best Of BUG' special

BUG returns to ODEON Leicester Square on March 19th with 'Best Of BUG' special

Tickets are now on sale for a special BUG show at the ODEON Leicester Square in London - the UK's largest and arguably most iconic cinema - on Tuesday March 19th.

Adam Buxton is bringing his popular 'Best Of BUG' show to the ODEON Leicester Square - including outstanding music video creativity, hilarious online nuggets, astonishingly unbalanced comments from the YouTube community, and more - for a rare outing in London, following a number of sell-out shows around the UK.

The show - the best bits of BUG's regular shows at the BFI Southbank over the past few months, some highlights of the Sky Atlantic TV show Adam Buxton's BUG, plus more stuff to boot - will also welcome a very special guest, to be announced soon.

It's the second time that BUG has presented a show at the ODEON Leicester Square, following the premiere of the BUG Radiohead special at the venue renowned for its red carpet movie premieres, in late 2011. Tickets are now available from ODEON Leicester Square's online booking.

BUG has also confirmed to bring the Best Of BUG show to Birmingham on Monday April 8th, at the Crescent Theatre, and to the Phoenix Square cinema in Leicester, on Tuesday April 9th.

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