UK Music Video Awards 2012: The David Knight Film

UK Music Video Awards 2012: The David Knight Film

Something strange and wonderful happened to me last week - I won an Outstanding Contribution Award at the UK Music Video Awards. To be the subject of a speech by the great Tim Pope, an ovation by the assembled audience, and an astonishing film was, I must admit, virtually a surreal experience.

It's a moment I will always cherish, and I just want to say thanks to Louise Stevens and Phil Tidy for springing the surprise of my life, and special big thanks to Tom Lindsay and Ross Hallard at Trim, who were still editing newly arriving clips into the film a couple of hours before the show and delivered the film actually after the awards had begun...

And if I say so myself, without suspiciously looking like getting my trumpet back from Garth Jennings and blowing it, this film is well worth watching again... And, if you're me, again. I will be watching it forever. This is actually a version with extra bits and pieces that didn't make the MVA cut, and all the lovely people who contributed given proper names...

A week later, and I'm still overwhelmed.

Love, DAVE

The David Knight Film
Editors: Tom Lindsay and Ross Hallard
Producer: Phil Tidy

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