UK Music Video Awards 2012: the aftershow...

UK Music Video Awards 2012: the aftershow...UK Music Video Awards 2012: the aftershow...

As tradition demands, the UK Music Video Awards in 2012 began with a ceremony at The Empire in Leicester Square, where the prizes were handed out - and then the party really got going at the aftershow...

This year it was held a few doors away at the Café de Paris in Piccadilly and was one of the best in the five years of the MVAs. Here's Hannah Edwards, just checking that her third Best Styling award in three years is made of genuine bulletproof perspex, and Yann Demange and Ben Drew aka Plan B celebrating their win of the Best Urban Video UK award.

You can now check out lots more aftershow pics from the big night of the year for British music videos at the UK Music Video Awards Facebook page.

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