UK Music Video Awards 2012: Bad Girls do it well as Romain Gavras leads the field at euphoric UKMVAs

UK Music Video Awards 2012: Bad Girls do it well as Romain Gavras leads the field at euphoric UKMVAs

At a typically boisterous, euphoric and sometimes emotional occasion, hosted once again by Adam Buxton - a surprised Jamie Thraves received the Icon Award from the actor Aiden Gillen, in honour of his contribution to the art of music videos spanning 17 years, and following a special film featuring contributions from numerous colleagues and artists including Travis, Kristina Train and Blur's Alex James.

The night also saw several previous MVA winners take awards home once again: Hannah Edwards won the Best Styling in a Video award for the third year in a row, for her work on the Bad Girls video. Tom Lindsay won his third MVA for Best Editing, for his work on the epic video for The Shoes' Time To Dance, directed by Daniel Wolfe and starring Jake Gyllenghal, which also won Best Dance Video - UK. Directing team Daniels won Best Indie/Rock International for the second year running, for The Shins' Simple Song. And as in 2011, Roger Bellés won the Best Art Direction in a Video for his work on Justice's New Lands, directed by Canada. And John Paveley won the Best Music Ad award for his commercial for Kasabian's album Veloceraptor!

Keith Schofield won Best Dance Video International for Duck Sauce's Big Bad Wolf, and was one of several winners who sent entertaining acceptance videos in lieu of attending the show. Nabil's taped message for winning Best Urban Video International for Frank Ocean's Novocane featured him being knocked out of shot by Frank Ocean himself.

And in a first at the MVAs, two winners were announced for an award. Adam Smith's Chemical Brothers concert film Don't Think, and Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern's LCD Soundsystem film Shut Up And Play The Hits both won the Live Music Coverage award. - the category of Live Music Coverage: Don't Think, Adam Smith's concert film of Chemical Brothers.

And the one award chosen by public vote, after over 25,000 votes were cast on VEVO's Facebook page, the People's Choice award was won by the One Direction video for Live While We're Young, directed Vaughan Arnell, and collected by its commissioner, Mike O'Keefe.


The Outstanding Contribution Award
David Knight

Best Producer, in association with Rushes Lee Groombridge

Best Commissioner John Moule

The Icon Award Jamie Thraves

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