UK Music Video Awards 2012 UPDATE: one day to go! And the Icon Award goes to...

UK Music Video Awards 2012 UPDATE: one day to go! And the Icon Award goes to...UK Music Video Awards 2012 UPDATE: one day to go! And the Icon Award goes to...

It's almost here: the UK Music Video Awards 2012 - the fifth annual big awards bash for British music videos - takes place tomorrow night, Thursday, November 8th - at The Empire, Leicester Square in central London.

Over 30 awards will be presented at the UK MVAs 2012, to honour the best British and international music videos of the past year, and the creativity and technical excellence of the people who've made them. Preparations are almost complete to turn one of the UK's most prestigious cinemas into the set of the UKMVAs, and to create an awards show as successful and emotional as the first one to be held at the Empire last year.

Once again, the climax of the evening will be the handing of the award for Video Of The Year - and one of the great names of British music video direction of the past two decades will be honoured with the MVAs' Icon Award.

We can also reveal that the fifth UK Music Video Shows will include a very special live performance for the first time. In addition, Adam Buxton, hosting his fourth MVAs, promises fun and games like never before. Adam will unveil even more outrageous and revealing taped video messages from our favourite pop stars, plus some priceless YouTube comments - and will be dusting down the famous and all-important MVA award 'stingles'...

After the awards themselves, the celebrations begin in earnest at the aftershow party at the Café de Paris in Piccadilly, a few yards from the Empire.

Tickets for the awards ceremony, plus the aftershow party at the Café de Paris, a few steps from the Empire - are still available, together with aftershow-only tickets. Contact Natalia at or on 05602 046199.

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