Jake Nava and Marc Webb win at MTV VMAs; Kanye loses the plot again

Jake Nava and Marc Webb win at MTV VMAs; Kanye loses the plot again

In an awards ceremony enlivened by Kanye West's traditional interruption of someone else's acceptance speech to demonstrate his love of the art of music video, Jake Nava's video for Beyoncé's Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - the object of KW's affection - won Video Of The Year at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York on Sunday night.

Single Ladies also took the best choreography and best editing awards in the newly reinstated VMA professional categories. But it was no clean sweep: Marc Webb's video for Green Day's 21 Guns won best direction and best cinematography as well as best rock video.

Two Joseph Kahn-directed videos, for Eminem's We Made You and Britney Spears' Womaniser won awards, while Matt & Kim's Lessons Learned, directed by Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault, won the Breakthrough Video award.

More on the winners here. More on Kanye's hilarious antics everywhere else. Should be interesting if and when he next wins an award himself.

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