Supergrass's Bad Blood - Keith Schofield reveals all

Supergrass's Bad Blood - Keith Schofield reveals all

I really rate Keith Schofield. He's made some corking videos for Goose, DJ Format, Minus The Bear, and that great little 'make your own drugs' video for Wintergreen (as featured here) that I always keep handy, like Delia's 'How To Cheat' cookbook, when the need arises to get off on homemade Qualuudes.

And I like his video for Supergrass's Bad Blood that's been knocking around for a little while.

Essentially a performance in a pub that becomes increasingly unhinged, it features a highly clever effect where the camera follows specific points and stays with them whatever their movement - from the spool on a reel-to-reel tape to Gaz's hand on the guitar fretboard to Danny's arm as he bashes away on the skins.

The camera moves look frankly impossible, so how did he do it Well, we asked Keith a while ago, and although he initially proved rather coy about divulging his trade secrets, he's now finally come clean.

"We shot everything on a locked-off camera on 35mm and then transferred to HD," he explains. "We then tracked in a standard-definition frame on top of that HD, and moved the footage through that cropped window. All the action was tracked in post."

And if that's not completely clear, you can watch a demo of exactly how Keith did it: his motion storyboards for the Bad Blood video are now online.

Keith produced the Supergrass video through HSI London, but he has now signed for UK music video representation with Alexa Haywood at Free Agent, and Streetgang Films in the US.

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