BUG 04 Round-up: Trans Am by Lung

BUG 04 Round-up: Trans Am by Lung

Last Thursday night's BUG at the BFI Southbank saw heavy metal Bigfeet, slave bees battling nasty pigeons, instructions in drug-making, an A to Z of optical illusions, Kaiser Chiefs under surveillance, Radiohead by cycle helmet-cam, Sam Morton giving birth to the Chapman Brothers, Jazz, Straight 8 and The Beatles. Plus other stuff.

It was quite something, but if you missed out do not despair. Promo News will try its best to help you catch up with most of what you missed. So here is the video that started off the show: Trans Am's Tesco v Sainsbury's, directed by Lung.

Lung is Chris Harris, who also makes arresting art under the arresting monicker of New Stench. It's a brilliant mix of animation styles spliced together with its own driving logic, that Lung created over a couple of weeks, rather like a man possessed, earlier this year.

London-based Lung/Chris directed the video for American cult label Thrill Jockey which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and has since made two videos for Trans Am's labelmates The Sea And Cake. They're also bloody good. And he has just created a piece for Nike's Windrunner shoe.

The Trans Am video was followed at BUG 04 by the astonishing work of Jared Eberhardt for Seattle-based heavy metal/thrash outfit Himsa. That's coming up soon.

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