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Dagny 'Wearing Nothing' by Tabitha Denholm

The songtitle hints at acres of naked flesh, but Tabitha Denholm would never be that obvious with her video for Dagny's Wearing Nothing.

In fact, this is all about coordinated movement and clothing as Dagny starts out in perfect syncronisation with her partner. However, as things unravel, she soon gets back on track. The impeccable styling is by Krissie Targerson.

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Sia 'Free Me' by Blake Martin

Featuring Zoe Saldana, narrated by Julianne Moore, and directed by Blake Martin, Sia's new video is also another notable collaboration between the artist and choreographer-extraordinaire Ryan Heffington, who transforms a drama of a pregnant woman (Saldana) who discovers she's HIV positive, into a physical metaphor of the struggle she now has to confront.

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Straight 8 and APA host Industry Shootout in Cannes

Straight 8, the long-running Super 8mm film competition, has got together with the APA to challenge British ad industry companies to make their own films on one reel of Super 8mm cartridge, which will be shown for the first time at a screening during the advertising festival at Cannes next week.

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Foo Fighters 'Run' by Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl assumes directing duties for Foo Fighters' new fist-pumping stadium anthem Run. And Dave doesn't miss the opportunity to let the band raid the makeup box once again, with a characteristically comedic and no-holds-barred effort, with perhaps an underlying message: old folks want to rock too.

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