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Drenge 'I Want To Break You In Half' by CRCR

Parisian collective CRCR head down to an English pub to execute their own highly inventive brand of action for Drenge's I Want To Break You In Half. It's what you would call a very Anglo display of bone-crunching aggression, delivered with Gallic flair. 

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23rd Camerimage Film Festival calls for music video entries

Camerimage – the International Film Festival Of the Art of Cinematography – is now accepting entries for its annual Music Videos competition. 

As usual, Camerimage will present two music video awards at this year's festival, which takes place from 14th to 21st November in Bydgoszcz, Poland: Best Cinematography in a Music Video, and Best Music Video.

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AWOLNATION 'I Am' by Hayley Young

AWOLNATION brings the masses together in the video for their song I am, directed by Hayley Young.

The mass serve as an ensemble choir that make their striking impression when the rhapsodic chorus hits. They also provide harmonious movement, pulsing and gyrating around frontman Aaron Bruno to the beat of the music.

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Stig Of The Dump feat. Jehst 'Kubrick' by MJ Blackman

Stig Of The Dump's Kubrick is an celebratory ode to the work of the master director, and MJ Blackman's takes a similar approach, being reverential and humourous in equal measure as it places Stig in some micro-budget recreations of some classic Kubrick movies, from Dr Strangelove to Full Metal Jacket

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