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Knox Hamilton 'Washed Up Together' by Titanic Sinclair

LA-based director Titanic Sinclair creates a Katy Perry-approved vacuum-sealed clip for Knox Hamilton.

Some faces are inherently funny, and what's even funnier is morphing faces in unnatural ways and displaying the results in glorious HD. Sinclair takes a simple, hilarious premise and adds some colourful characters to the mix to really ramp things up.

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Michael Nau 'Love Survive' by Parallel Teeth

Plants grow, particles swim, lakewater ripples and all is well and good in this positively lovely visual directed and animated by Parallel Teeth, aka Robert Wallace.

Its a life-affirming little video for a soothing track by siner-songwriter Michael Nau, made up of pastel-textured bits of the natural world, coming together in a rhythmic fashion and making lively patterns. Just great. 

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Wrangler 'Stupid' by Chris Turner (Favourite Colour: Black) & Tash Tung

Chris Turner - aka Favourite Colour: Black - gets together with his former assistant, and now up-and-coming director Tash Tung co-direct this surreal, disorientating video for electronic trio Wrangler, led by Stephen Mallinder, former frontman of Cabaret Voltaire, fearless synth and music video pioneers of the early 80s.

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Jahmene 'Is This The Time?' by Mike Baldwin

Mike Baldwin's video for Jahmene's Is This The Time? delivers on a concept with universal appeal. It sees two strangers fall for each other in one glance, which sets off a sequence of imaginary meetings between the pair. Forests, train stations and a white abstracted space are all places they visit in the span of a few seconds...

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New Portals 'Cage' by Hilow

When a man picks up a woman in his car on a deserted London street, the transaction appears functional. But things take a more tender and passionate turn in Hilow's video for New Portals' Cage, set against the backdrop of the concrete wilderness of Thamesmead.

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Beyoncé cleans up at MTV Video Music Awards 2016

Beyoncé swept the board at the MTV Video Music Awards 2016 on Sunday night (August 28th). Her Formation video, directed by Melina Matsoukas, won six awards including Video of the Year and Best Pop Video, and four Professional awards including Best Direction and Best Choreography.

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