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Abd Al Malik 'Allogene' by Romain Cieutat

Romain Cieutat has created a stark and memorable visual accompaniment to Abd Al Malik's Allogene – a man swathed in robes who strides through the walkways of a deserted maze of concrete and steel, whose glimpses of exposed body reveal his special quality.

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UK Music Video Awards 2015: the Best Video UK nominations in full

Here are the details of the nominations for the UK music genre categories at the UK Music Video Awards 2015 - which takes place in a little under four weeks time on November 5th - including director, production company, commissioner and label credit information where currently available.

Credit info on the nominations on all the other categories at this year’s UKMVAs is coming soon.

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Timecop1983 'Dreams' by Matt Clarke

Timecop1983 dreamwave anthem ‘Dreams’ has been turned into a retro-futuristic video directed by Matt Clarke. Combining live action with wire-frame animation, the video is "a homage to risk-taking, living in your body, expressing yourself and seeking a higher plane".

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Leo Kalyan 'Get Your Love' by James Barber

James Barber takes Leo Kalyan on a stunning and colourful road trip through the south west France in his debut music video for Get Your Love, shot on various formats in numerous breathtaking locations. And James and his cameraman Stefan Yap orchestrate their shots so that Leo remains as a mysterious presence throughout, despite being in nearly every frame.


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Braids 'Taste' by Kevan Funk

Kevan Funk reunites with Braids, and follows up his excellent video for the band's Miniskirt with a striking one for Taste, which features Raphaelle Standell standing in the middle of a pack of dancers or alone in the woods cut together with shots of naked bodies

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Lusts 'Illuminations' by Youth Hymns

Youth Hymns latest magnum opus for Lusts saw them heading to Blackpool - frankly the only place to go for a track called Illuminations - in a classic Ford Capri. And has the Golden Mile ever looked so groovy and psychedelic as it does here? Probably not.

But then YH, vying for the mantle of busiest directors in music videos, were "jacked up on travel sickness pills"...    

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