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Florrie 'Real Love' by Emil Nava

Emil Nava's latest video is this ultra-stylish, Francophilic vision for British singer-songwriter Florrie's track Real love, oozing with loads of retro-Hollywood glamour. 

Shot on 16mm, the video is captured by her on-screen boyfriend's camera, following the couple's playful interactions in their stylish Art Deco home.

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Django Django 'Life We Know' by John Maclean

John Maclean, ex-Beta Band member turned director - who made his first feature, the acclaimed Western Slow West last year - is also the brother of Django Django's drummer and producer David Maclean, and John's work with the band includes directing the lovely video for Hand Of Man

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Avante Black 'Imaginary Love' by Tash Tung

A suitably dreamy yet gritty meander through the dark streets of London to a pulsating convenience store by Tash Tung - her directing debut – as lead singer Ottilia employs an interesting method to make friends.

As she makes her way home she passes the rest of the band, just hanging out on the streets late at night...

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