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Videos of the Month – November 2015

Aside from the UKMVA excitement in the first week of the month, November brought us another rich seam of work in music videos. This included more idiosyncratic self-directed videos by unconventional pop artists, in this case, M.I.A.

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The Questionnaire: Oscar Hudson

Oscar Hudson started out making skateboarding videos for his friends, before setting off to uni, and since he graduated he's continued to hone his skills as a filmmaker through a diverse range of projects: documentaries, fiction and non-fiction shorts, fashion films – and lately, some excellent music videos. 

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Miike Snow 'Heart Is Full' by Lance Drake

Lance Drake's slick, futuristic action video for Swedish indie pop trio Miike Snow's Heart Is Full, from their upcoming third album III, is all about a female assassin with the fierce-yet-vulnerable attitude and eyecatching dress sense of Daryl Hannah's character Pris in Blade Runner.     

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Coldplay 'Adventure Of A Lifetime' by Mat Whitecross

Coldplay's first music video from their new album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out on December 4th) sees the band reimagined as chimps, thanks to the performance-capture technology pioneered at Imaginarium Studios (co-founded by actor Andy Serkis), and turned into a fun-loving performance video by the band's longtime collaborator Mat Whitecross - who also directed Serkis in the Ian Dury bi

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DJ Katch 'The Horns' by Josef J. Weber

Already a huge success with support from DJ's Diplo and Jazzy Jeff across the club circuit, the video for DJ Katch's The Horns - directed by Sydney-based filmmaker Josef Weber – takes on a fun twist when a group of girlfriends break into a gaming arcade to have a late-night party...

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