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Paul Kalkbrenner 'Cloud Rider' by Björn Rühmann

Cloud Rider, the first video for Paul Kalkbrenner's forthcoming seventh album, suitably entitled 7, is the opening salvo of a music video trilogy directed by Björn Rühmann called FLORIAN, which focusses on the increasingly painful adventures of a true innocent abroad.

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Lone Echo 'Temporary' by Nate Weaver

Things are not as they seem in this debut video from Los Angeles-based Ambient project Lone Echo. Director Nate Weaver shows how effective lighting and staging setups can be at creating an entire scene and atmosphere in order to devise a fictional artform or narrative.

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The Questionnaire: Ellie Johnson

Ellie Johnson has emerged as one of London's top music video editors. She joined Speade five years ago and has gone on to cut some of the most popular and acclaimed videos of recent times, including Wilkinson's Afterglow, and J Cole's She Knows.

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