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Rationale 'Fuel To The Fire' by Crooked Cynics

Crooked Cynics really pulled it out of the hat with this stunning video - masterfully shot by Charlie Goodger - which merges the bitterness, hope, and empowerment of London-based musician Rationale's track, Fuel To Fire.

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Alexa Goddard 'We Broke The Sky' by Carly Cussen

Carly Cussen has delivered this slick video for Alexa Goddard's We Broke The Sky, composed of glamorous shots of Goddard performing her song in the studio as well as in Three Cliffs Bay, Wales. The video plays out like an elegant, well-composed pop video that lets the weather conditions express the lyrics. 

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Palace 'Head Above The Water' by Oliver Hadlee Pearch

Oliver Hadlee Pearch has taken a decidedly visceral approach to his music video for Palace's Head Above The Water. Dealing with the nervy physicality of the human body and all its twitches, spasms, and other instinctive bodily processes, the piece effectively creates a hypnotic series of close-up portraits, in which something doesn't appear to be quite right with its subjects.

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Si Cranstoun 'God's Of Love' by Michael McCool

The joyous retro-soul sound of Si Cranstoun has inspired a suitably uplifting video for God's Of Love directed by Michael McCool - making his first all-live action promo after a couple of videos featuring animation. This involves two builders unable to stop themselves from busting some moves when Si comes on the radio...

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Nexus's Jim Le Fevre creates SBTRKT-O-SCOPE

BAFTA-winning animator/director, and leading zoetrope artist Jim Le Fevre has created a giant 3-D stroboscope for producer/multi-instrumentalist SBTRKT, bringing to life SBTRKT’s mysterious creature featured throughout the campaign of the current album.

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Mumford & Sons 'Ditmas' by Alex Southam

Alex Southam's engrossing video for Mumford & Sons' Ditmas follows a native Cossack breaking a horse set against the gorgeous rural landscape.

Shot on location in the Ukraine, it's the first half of a two-part story – the second half will be released soon – and as Southam explains below their horse-breaker, Evgeniy Krutov, was most certainly the real deal.

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MTV VMAs 2015 - Video Of The Year noms criticised by Nicki Minaj

Things are already hotting up for next month's MTV Video Music Awards after Nicki Minaj reacted vocally at her video for Anaconda being omitted from the nominations for Video of the Year, starting a social media 'feud' with Taylor Swift, who is nominated for the MTV VMAs premiere award for her Bad Blood video.

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