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Best of 2014: Top 20 Narrative Music Videos (make it 21)

Good storytelling, fine acting, thrills, surprise endings, excellent handshaking...

Our round-up of 2014 continues what we think are probably our favourite 20 narrative music videos of the year - of the mainly non-comedic variety. And this lot contains all of the above, and much more besides.

And boy, it was hard to keep this down to just 20 videos...

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Majid Jordan 'Her' by Common Good

Common Good, a Toronto-based directing collective backed by a full service design, animation and VFX studio, have created this stylish promo for Majid Jordan's Her, with collective member Jamie Webster in the director's seat. 

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Neneh Cherry 'Spit Three Times ' by Bafic

In photographer and director Bafic's brooding video for Spit Three Times, Neneh Cherry takes a backseat night-time drive through the city, and performs among hanging roses, the slow revelation and repetition of imagery, like the lights of a motorway underpass, draws attention to the emotional nature of the lyrics, written in the aftermath of the sudden death of Neneh's mother and her ensuing g

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Fuse ODG 'Letter to TINA' by Vertex

Vertex delivers the controversial video to Letter to TINA, following Fuse ODG's snub to Bob Geldof's request to join Band Aid 2014. 

The African artist told Geldof 'no' because he thought the lyrics were 'not in line with Fuse's perception and ideals of new Africa', hence his slogan TINA - This Is New Africa.

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Best of 2014: Top 20 Animated Music Videos

As the year draws to a close, it's time to review what we have done this year - and have another look at the very large number of music videos featured on Promo News in 2014. So let's take things by category, starting with animation...

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Hannah Peel 'Find Peace' by Piers Vernon-Kell

Multi-instrumental electronic artist Hannah Peel's Find Peace is a contemporary Christmas song (it's released as part of the 2014 edition of Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, a small Netherlands-based label set up to release limited vinyl just for the festive season) for which Piers Vernon-Kell has created a distinctive (albeit not notably festive) music video.

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  • Marisa Garner Associates
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  • Uncanny Films
  • Rebel of America
  • Portobello Post
  • Manic Butterfly Productions
  • HSI London
  • Forever Pictures
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  • Joyrider
  • Blur Producciones
  • Pretty Pictures
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  • Everything is Okay
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  • Thomas English
  • Kode Media
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