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Sinead Harnett 'She Ain't Me' by Zaiba Jabbar

Zaiba Jabbar's video for Sinead Harnett for her track She Ain't Me boasts a lovely photographic quality and texture. Shot in 35mm film by Katie Swain, the video follows Harnett in the comfort of her own home, pondering upon the break-up of a relationship.

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Muse 'Dead Inside' by Robert Hales

If you thought it was getting hard to do something strikingly new with choreography in music videos, think again. Robert Hales has delivered this stirring promo for Muse's new single Dead Inside, which centres on a mesmerising interaction in dance from Kathryn McCormick and William Wingfield.

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Fono 'Real Joy' by Simon Cahn

The intimate relationship of two girls takes on a surprising, surreal, and certainly unhinged dimension in the video for Brighton-based DJ Fono's track Real Joy, directed by French filmmaker Simon Cahn.

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Vant 'Do You Know Me' by Steve Gullick

In the past year, rock n' roll photographer Steve Gullick - most well known for his photography work with Nirvana in the early 90's - has started directing music videos by capturing raw, emotive performances. This is his latest, a high-energy performance video for up-and-coming rock band Vant's Do You Know Me.

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